Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2010 Bridal Trends We Love!

2010 is now in full swing, and already there are some cute, sassy, and fun wedding trends emerging. Here are a few that we're definitely in love with:

1. Wedding shoes in bold colors or prints. Whether it's hot pink, leopard print, or gingham, brides are letting a little personality peek through under the white skirts.

2. Birdcage veils. We love the retro, glamourous look of a delicate birdcage veil. Add in some pastel feathers or a vintage-look ornament to complete the look. It's timeless and yet so modern.

3. Useful favors. Couples today are eschewing the little bag of jordan almonds in favor of must-haves such as purse hooks, cute bottles of sunscreen, personalized water bottles, sewing kits, or even keyboard dusters! Finally, a wedding favor that your guests will keep for years.

4. The return of the "getaway dress." It's the end of the reception - time to change into a gorgeous new outfit for your "getaway"! This dress can be any color, not necessarily white, and adds a fun twist to the reception dress idea.

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